How To Remove a Carpet Stain


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    Today I show you how to remove any carpet stain. This stain removal technique will remove ALL stains - no matter how big they are, and no matter what they are. Accidentally spilled some red wine on your white carpet? Don't worry! Follow the step by step instructions and the stain will disappear in seconds!
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    Know someone that has a stained carpet? Show them how to remove it with ease! Link them to this tutorial

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    1. Aiden Fritz

      How can the carpet talk?

    2. Awesomness

      I mean, to be fair it got clean so it does work

    3. Doomslayer

      It’s not a how to basic video with out eggs

    4. Dragoneir 78

      Step 3: throw plenty of eggs and spill plenty of liquid and brush it as hard as you had to

    5. NJH Trains


    6. SV7 2100

      I mean the stain is gone

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    8. Lyon Carlisle S. Manansala

      Y are u so gross and messy ;-; you ate on a destroyed laptop that u threw eggs on ;-;

    9. Swifty [YOUTUBER ADMIN]

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    10. Jessica Fairman

      This is what Vsauce has to do to stop technology from taking over the world.

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    12. Jayden and The Dream team-Minecraft,Rp, and more!

      So how do you like the house "What's that" Blood.......

    13. Hillbilly Panda

      Leonardo De Vinci would call this art

    14. Rowan Cook

      I saw this on tik tok on my phone

    15. Franklin Clinton

      the dislikes are from kids who throw a W A T E R on his mom bed and trying to remove the water

    16. Cute Guy The Cute Kid OwO

      I followed your tick tok HowToBasic!

    17. Mellisa Putri

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    18. karen lee

      it work

    19. arcel Amurao

      Your gonna pay for that

    20. Mezo Gaming

      Wow it worke

    21. QueenieXx Cookie


    22. Abdullah Games


    23. Ben Everett

      1:09 when I don't die in a game

    24. Ben Everett

      0:44 when I die in a game

    25. Elijah Bennett12

      Pleas post more

    26. 1000sub before quarantine ends

      Imagine having to clean up this mess

    27. serenity taylor

      me:watches the end* carpet:FUCK YOU *attacks him* me:0-0 XD

    28. serenity taylor

      why you fart on the carpet tho its funny tho too XDDD

    29. KingBig Arms

      Brush the carpets teeth🤣

    30. Angel Redimano


    31. Golden Family

      How can you clean that?

    32. Super Mario Minecraft Jesson

      0:46 Splatoon in a nutshell

    33. De De Chan

      Yeah the paint store called they tan out of supplies..

    34. jx986

      0:47 How to make the carpet colorful

    35. KillerWolf37

      I feel bad for him having to clean up this

    36. Kodi Rowe

      Ok thennn


      1:35 zaa

    38. Mythicalnightcore Master690

      Why does this guy keep making joke videos that it wont even fix

    39. Mason Kohut

      That was actually a decent carpet cleaning in the end

    40. Mr. Miojo'-'

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